Video: massive Cannon River ice jam breaks up

Peter Seebach and my wife both alerted me to a massive ice jam on the Cannon River today. It apparently extended from the 5th St. bridge back to the Hwy 3 bridge by Babcock Park.  But by the time I got there at 5 pm Cannon River ice jam breaks up; photo by Tim Jacksonto take a photo, it had broken up and mostly cleared.

Fortunately, Carlson Capital Management’s Tim Jackson (who also has his own web design company, Computer Titan) captured the breakup with a photo and some video.


  1. Very cool — I took some video later in the day now on my blog Penelopedia that showed some big chunks going by, but nothing like this.
    .-= (Penny Hillemann is a blogger. See a recent post titled Spring Melt: Ice Going Over the Dam) =-.

    March 13, 2010

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