Tell Us Your Train Stories

MNS_commuter_train.jpgIt seems like there’s usually at least one in every group. You know the type; as soon as someone comes up with a possible idea, you can count on this character to say “It’ll never work”.

These sentiments are often expressed when people start to discuss alternate forms of transportation. It appears that there are a few people that think that there really aren’t any realistic options beyond the automobile.

No one can dismiss train transportation, at least not in Northfield. I know a number of people, including some still shy of 50, that have told me stories about taking the train from Northfield to go to the State Fair, visit relatives “down south” or, in one case, celebrate a birthday with a rolling party.

I have a peculiar fondness for these stories. I’m hoping to hear more of them, these tales of train travel from Northfield. If you’ve got ’em, we want ’em. So please send them our way.

If you still have doubts, please consider this photograph to be visual proof. It’s a postcard that I picked up, at Tiny’s Dogs All Day, of the commuter train in Northfield. The proprietor, Tim Sellars, has a few train stories of his own. But you’ll only hear those tales if you buy a dog or a sandwich. I’d recommend Wednesday, when dogs are two for one during Happy Hour.


  1. […] Train Stories Begin to Rumble In By Ross Currier The response to my call for “Train Stories” has been…well, underwheliming. I’m really hoping to revive a discussion about passenger train service from Northfield through getting Northfielders who have actually experienced the benefits of such service to share their stories with the rest of us. Fortunately, I was able to convince a woman by the name of Sarah (Cox) Currier to contribute a tale. […]

    December 8, 2006

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