What kind of restaurant is moving into the old Bagel Bros?

Old Bagel Bros. Old Bagel Bros.
The old Bagel Bros. space on Division will soon be some kind of restaurant. Yesterday, a Lampert’s truck delivered lumber and over the weekend, the interior was painted.

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Update 4/5, 11:30 am:  the company name on the architectural plan: Tea Creations LLC; Owners: Pa Nou Yang and Daniel Xiong

18 thoughts on “What kind of restaurant is moving into the old Bagel Bros?”

  1. Well, if I remember right, there is not a full outfit in there for full cooking, so it has to be a limited kitchen…

    And there are already way too many pizza places and coffee shops.

    If there is construction going on, there has to be a permit on the window… so it shouldn’t be too hard to tell.

  2. I am just wondering if Kiffi or Victor could confirm, but I do not think that space can take a full resturant kitchen without serious modifications.

    To that end, it would have to be something fairly simple in nature.

    I am anxoious to find out what it is. Something new and different would be great!

  3. bubble tea? bubble tea!! that’s what i heard awhile back. SO excited!! i will probably be their best customer. i just hope it’s true…

  4. Well, I wish these folks the best in their endeavor. This sounds like a product that would appeal to the college crowd, so hopefully there is enough market to draw from to enable their dreams. Can’t wait to try this concoction, as I am always up for something new. If the drinks have as many carbs as they sound like, then it will have to be sparse consumption on my part, unfortunately.

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