Sidewalks and planters and trees, oh my!

Robbie Wigley, drinking bubble tea on Eat StreetRobbie and I had our first experience with bubble tea on Saturday. Yum. (The rumors continue to swirl around Northfield that’s a bubble tea restaurant that’s going into the into the old Bagel Bros on Division St.) We got our drinks at Cafe Thang Bom on Eat Street before we grabbed some takeout at Harry Singh’s Original Caribbean Restaurant (yum again).

Sidewalks at 28th and NicolletWhile walking around the intersection of 28th and Nicollet, I noticed how the in-ground trees, the planters, and the tables, chairs, and umbrellas for sidewalk dining all made for an attractive urban landscape.

Sidewalks at 28th and NicolletAnd I noticed that the less-than-five-feet of clearance between the tables and the buildings does not seem to be an issue. 

Why do I mention it?  Because the issue is back before the Northfield City Council this week as staff have brought back two options for trees on 4th St. reconstruction, one of which seems to include some faulty assumptions.

I’ve closed comments here. Join the discussion attached to the blog post,  Council directs staff to include sidewalk trees on 4th St. reconstruction.

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