The Cheese Cave and The Coffee House: two of my faves in downtown Faribault

As long as I’m wearing a PR hat for the Faribault Chamber of Commerce this morning, allow me to mention two of my favorite dining venues in downtown Faribault:

Beth Mathewson and Jodie Chappuis, proprietors of The Coffee House in downtown Faribault The Coffee House in downtown Faribault The Coffee House in downtown Faribault The Coffee House in downtown Faribault
Beth Mathewson and Jodie Chappuis are the proprietors of the recently-opened The Coffee House (Facebook page), formerly Java Live, located right next door to the Paradise Center for the Arts. See this Feb. Faribault Daily News article, Coffee lovers: The bean is back.

Rob Schanilec, Felicia Crosby, Robbie Wigley, Griff Wigley IMG_6262 Cheese Cave manager Laura Paquette and Rob Schanilec 
Across the street is The Cheese Cave, where Robbie and I had dinner with Rob Schanilec and Felicia Crosby a month ago before we attended the Willow Brae concert at the Paradise. Laura Paquette is the manager who served us. See this June 2009 Faribault Daily News article on the opening of the Cheese Cave.


  1. William Siemers said:

    Java-Live had memorabilia from the American Pool Hall which I much enjoyed seeing, since it was where I hung-out for a good portion of my (misspent) youth. I hope they continue to display it.

    And,(unabashed commercial plug here), since they prominently display the fleur dis lis, they might want to look at getting some beans from Coffee Roasters of New Orleans, a great company that also uses the symbol.

    April 5, 2010
  2. Jane McWilliams said:

    Faribault has a lot going for it. One of my faves there is River Bend Nature Center on the east side of town. There are nice walking paths through both prairie and woods, several ponds and the Straight River. Right now, spring wild flowers are beginning to bloom, and migrating birds are in the woods and on the water. Check out the web site to learn about the public programs for all ages the naturalist staff provides:

    April 5, 2010
  3. Beth Mathewson said:

    Sadly, the pool hall memorabilia stayed with one of the previous owners, Marcia Morris-Beck.

    Thanks for the tip on the Coffee Roasters of New Orleans. For now, the original Dunn Bros in St. Paul is custom roasting for us but when we’re ready to consider a change, perhaps we’ll give the Crescent City company a try.


    April 6, 2010

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