Mayo proposes radiation oncology treatment center on St. Olaf land near Northfield Hospital

mayologoNfld News: Mayo announces $10 million facility in Northfield.

St. Olaf President David Anderson sent out this email earlier today

Dear Oles and Colleagues:

I am writing to inform you of a pending development that involves a parcel of land owned by the College on the far northern edge of campus.

Mayo Clinic is proposing the development of a radiation oncology treatment center in Northfield. The facility will be located near Northfield Hospital. The center’s patients will have access to services provided by the hospital.

Mayo is considering an approximately 3  1/2  acre tract along the south side of North Avenue, with the College leasing that land for construction of the new center. Once completed, the 13,000 square foot facility will allow Northfield area patients to receive oncology services close to home, where before many had to travel more than an hour away for their daily radiation treatments.


The potential site of the center abuts the St. Olaf composting center to the west and a small housing development to the east. The proposed  Mayo Clinic development complements the College’s long-term plan to relocate its Grounds Department, which is currently across from the main campus on Highway 19, and its other maintenance facilities and shops to the general location of the composting facility. The first step in that regard was taken three years ago by choosing the location for the composting facility and constructing a connecting campus service road.

In addition to the obvious advantages to the Northfield community in terms of expanded health services and economic benefits, the location of the new center in close proximity to campus is expected to further strengthen St. Olaf’s existing educational partnership with Mayo Clinic as well as to provide other meaningful benefits to the College.

For many years, St. Olaf has had a strong collaborative relationship with Mayo Clinic in Rochester, with science and economics majors regularly conducting hands on investigation and research with Mayo physicians and researchers under the auspices of the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program. With the new oncology center, we anticipate expanded opportunities for internship placements and student-faculty cooperative projects here in Northfield.


David Anderson

Mayo Clinic Radiation Oncology

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