It’s baaaack! The LoGroNo membership drive

lg-membership-ads-sshot MPR’s conducting their spring membership drive this week and it reminded me to do likewise. I’ve flipped on our LoGroNo membership banners in the header, the left sidebar, and the top and bottom of the comment threads. (They’ve been turned off since early Feb.)

Unlike on MPR’s website, once you become a member of Locally Grown, you no longer see any of these membership banner ads, nor the Google AdSense ads that appear in the right sidebar.

Our first membership week turned into a membership quarter and netted us 25 members. Let’s see if we can get another 25 members in half that time.

Promote your product, service, cause, event on Locally Grown for a measly $2.50.

lgm-sc-sshotI’ve created a 7-minute screencast video in which I explain how our Membership Sideblog can be used to promote a product, service, cause, or event for $2.50.

Got comments or questions? Attach a comment. And then, become a member!

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