Home Matters, so green your garden and follow their blog

Home Matters in Northfield Home Matters in Northfield Home Matters in Northfield
I was riding my bicycle through the southwest neighborhood back in March when I noticed two homes with a patio bistro set from VonHause Greening Your Garden flyerand then I see that these two houses and many  more have Home Matters signs in their yards. I’d never heard of the project so I took photos but alas, totally forgot to blog them.

Earlier this week, Michele Merxbauer (AKA “Mitch”), Manager for the City of Northfield’s Housing & Redevelopment Division and Staff Liaison on the Housing & Redevelopment Authority, sent me an email alerting me to a Home Matters Greening Your Garden seminar on Saturday morning, May 15. That links to a blog post with more info but the short version is: “Three garden gurus get together to discuss the benefits of rain gardens, rain barrels, and planting native.”  The blogsite says:

Home Matter blog siteThe Home Matters Project is about stabilizing neighborhoods affected by foreclosure and creating healthy, affordable, and energy efficient housing opportunities.

And they’ve got a very well-done WordPress-based blog site, including photos of the rehabilitation process of a home at 311 Cherry Street.

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