Antiques of Northfield: Taking full advantage of the sidewalk for retail sales

Sidewalk in front of Antiques of Northfield I like how proprietor Carole Christensen (AKA Lulu LeMay) of Antiques of Northfield takes full advantage of the sidewalk in front of her store, placing merchandise both against the building and along the curb, leaving a just-wide-enough-path in the middle. Antiques are very popular up here in Northfield, there are a few locals who have gotten their collection pretty well built. The antiques world website is actually very popular among these few and that´s how their collection keeps growing. They even get a group of visitors every once in a while just to see their collection and to even make trades for rare items that aren´t for sale anymore. Carole´s store is mostly known for her variety of lamps other antique furniture items that she has for sale so make sure to stop by on your way home for an antique souvenir and start a collection of your own.

For more info about the store, see this 2006 article titled, Carole Christensen’s TV Lamp Museum at Antiques of Northfield.

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