“Locally Grown” podcast for 02.10.06

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Issues covered in show #7 of Locally Grown, recorded in the KRLX 88.1 FM studio at Carleton on Friday afternoon:

  1. Carleton’s Bursting the Bubble civic engagement series: 0-6:00
  2. Economic development plan update: 6:00
  3. Outdoor swimming pool update: 8:15
  4. Clem Shearer Micro Grant decision: 9:30
  5. Upadopting 1306: 13:45
  6. Public utitlities/city-wide wi-fi: 16:00
  7. Green businesses: 21:45
  8. Jobs for/business startups by college students: 26:00
  9. “Third” places in downtown: 35:45
  10. Outdoor dining on public spaces in downtown: 38:15
  11. Community media task force update: 49:00

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