City Administrator’s weekly memo for Friday June 4

Joel-WalinskiThe “Friday Memo,” written by Northfield City Administrator Joel Walinski, department heads, and other City staff, summarizes the staff activities for the week. The Friday memos are published and archived in PDF form at the bottom of the City Administrator’s web page.

It’s the first Friday of the month, so this week’s memo (PDF) also includes the Boards & Commissions report (PDF) for May. I admit to colossal failure as this is the third consecutive month for which there is no report from the Planning Commission.  I think that’s been remedied for future, i.e. it will be handled by someone other than me.

You can find the Friday Memo and the Boards & Commissions report on the memo page for the week.

Items of note in the Friday Memo include:

  • A timeline for the Mayo Clinic project – annexation request, hearings, etc.
  • Acknowledgment that the downtown recycling cans are ugly
  • Great update on activities from the Housing department
  • Miscellaneous engineering & construction updates – Fourth street, trails, etc.

It’s a busy week at City Hall, including a City Council work session on Tuesday (which includes the next segment of the new LDC from the Planning Commission), and an open house (PDF) to review the preliminary draft of the new stormwater ordinance (more on that to follow in a separate post).

You can view all upcoming City meetings on the City Calendar.


  1. kiffi summa said:

    Tracy: You say: “You can view all upcoming city meetings on the City Calendar”…
    However, the ***Public Hearing*** for the Council’s financing decision is not on the City Calendar… as a matter of fact that Council meeting on the 15th is NOT even on the calendar.
    Furthermore this important date is NOT on the Project website as of today.

    WHY ???

    This is one of the most important decisions in recent NF ‘history’ ; I believe the only public notice so far has been in last Saturday’s newspaper. Of course, that is what is legally required.

    Is this very important milestone going to go by with only what is legally required?
    What does that say about “improved communications with citizens” ?

    June 5, 2010
  2. Tracy Davis said:

    Good catch, Kiffi. Notice of the hearing probably wouldn’t be on the Project page anyway, but it certainly should be posted somewhere.

    I’m on the email list for weekly meeting notices, but they don’t usually get sent until Thursday or Friday for the following week.

    Let me see if I can find any more info.

    June 6, 2010
  3. kiffi summa said:

    Tracy… I know it seems like I am being negative about the city process ( ??!!??)… but there are so many separate places on the city website where the info about the ***Public Hearing *** on the June 15 Council meeting could be listed: of course on the Calendar; why would it not be listed there when past the 15th, the planning Commission meeting is listed in the box for the 17th?

    Then on the Project website page there are multiple opportunities, under the “timeline”, “milestones”, etc. everything just goes up to June 8, so it is not that those headings are only what has occurred already.

    It is just so disappointing, because in a situation like this all you can do is be critical; there is no ‘citizen friendly’ explanation, is there?
    After all, the people who will be ‘billed’ for these projects could at least be informed… even Bank of America, and Citibank do that, even if it is the teeniest type size!

    June 6, 2010

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