Locally Grown podcast #12: bike racks, bike lanes, economic development and traffic light updates

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Griff Wigley and Betsey Buckheit English bike racks

I took the train to Cambridge in the UK yesterday to visit Northfielders Betsey Buckheit (former blogging planning commissioner), husband Justin London (Carleton music prof) and daughter Elizabeth who’ve been there since Sept. Justin received a Fullbright to do research there for the year. I took the opportunity to do another show for our podcast, Locally Grown, with Betsey as a guest and the two of us participating via Skype Out to the KRLX studios where Ross Currier, Tracy Davis and Cameron Nordholm graciously got up very early on Saturday morning — April 8 — central time to accommodate my schedule.


  1. Bike racks and the pros and cons of bike lanes in downtown Northfield;
  2. the forthcoming economic development report from the consultants hired by the EDA;
  3. an update on the Highway 3 & 3rd St. traffic light request.

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