Destruction and construction: The Arts Union is on the way

Demolition, old Northfield Middle School Demolition, old Northfield Middle School
Demolition of the newer portion of the old Northfield Middle School began this week. I took these photos this morning at the corner of 4th and College. By the fall of 2011, it’ll become The Arts Union for Carleton College.  The web site says it’ll be a

facility geared toward creative collaboration that will support multiple student and classroom projects and allow faculty members to teach with words, images, sounds, and narrative in a variety of media.

In addition to housing the departments of Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS), and Theater, and Dance, the space will include a teaching museum, a dramatic theater, a cinema theater, dance studios, classrooms and a coffee shop.

10:15 am update: For much more background and many more photos, see Rob Hardy’s blog post on Old Middle School Annex Demolition.


  1. Griff Wigley said:

    My apologies, Rob. I honestly didn’t see your post. I’ve now linked to it from the bottom of the blog post.

    June 12, 2010

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