6 thoughts on “Vandalism overnight at 3rd and Division”

  1. According to my staff at The Cow, the flower pots & the fire were two separate incidents. My barman put out the fire at about 2pm but he neglected to phone 911. The flower pots happened earlier.

  2. Griff: it occurred to me when I read your initial post, but I just re-thought ‘it’: why was a password required to see the photos of the vandalism?

  3. Kiffi, years ago I was asked by then Police Chief Gary Smith to not post photos of graffiti since it was his contention that this encouraged/rewarded the perpetrators with attention. My assumption is that other forms of vandalism would qualify.

    1. I understand… I think that’s because someone will come along and tag over the graffiti..

      Difficult to re-smash a smashed flowerpot,or relight an extinguished fire… OK, I’m being picky, but I think people should see vandalism that is not graffiti.

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