Voices from the past: Cameron and Morgan

Morgan and Cameron, Northfield, 2006 Cameron and Morgan wedding photo We got a wedding announcement card from Cameron Nordholm and Morgan Weiland last week.

As we note on our Locally Grown About page, “we’re indebted to former KRLX news director Morgan Weiland and former KRLX station manager Cameron Nordholm for their help in launching the show in early 2006.”

I see they’ve cleaned up considerably since the photo (left) I took on the deck of the Cow. Cameron wrote via email:

You should also know that we’re headed out to California in July. Morgan is starting at Stanford as a PhD graduate fellow in communications. We’ll be living in/around the Palo Alto area. I’m starting a digital strategy consulting LLC and will continue to work largely with PBS but will also be looking for new projects. I’ve attached one of our photos – we’ll be posting more soon on Flickr/FB. Hope all is well.

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