Maria’s Mexican Grill and Taqueria opens

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Maria Estrada opened her Maria’s Mexican Grill and Taqueria restaurant in the old Quizno’s space last week. They’ve operated the Taco Hut concession stand for several years, shown above on Bridge Square (that’s Maria with her husband Rafael and children) during DJJD. Click photos to enlarge.

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Anyone have details on whether Estrada’s have gotten assistance from the Northfield Chamber, the Northfield Enterprise Center (NEC), the EDA, or any other organization in town whose mission is, in part, to help local small business? It’s a great success story.

6 thoughts on “Maria’s Mexican Grill and Taqueria opens”

  1. Big burritos… that’s what I’ll try next, Tony.

    When I went there over the weekend and they’d run out of Mexican sausage for the quesidillas. So I just had plain cheese quesidillas and it turned out okay… but just a plain cheese q.

  2. I’ve eaten at Maria’s 3-4 times now and have had excellent food and service. If anyone has had authentic Mexican before then they would recognize this as such. The telltale homemade tortillas are one of many ingredients that keep me coming back. If you haven’t tried Maria’s yet – please do. You will not be disappointed.

  3. I live in Hudson, Wisconsin…And it’s soooo worht the drive to eat at Maria’s !!!! I love the fajita platter. Can’t wait until next time i go.

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