Who are these babes on Division?

I did get into a few retail stores last week during Winter Walk and took these photos of store owners and staffers in their Christmas getups. Click to enlarge. And see the other Winter Walk 06 photos here.

Left and left center: (Women and) Kids on Division
Right center: Swag
Right: Present Perfect

Please help identify these babes upstanding female-type citizens by attaching a comment with their names. I know some, but not all.


  1. Jessica Paxton said:

    The fabulous and ever-so festive trio featured on the far right is Gretchen Heil, Tom Buettell and Mary Rossing.

    December 13, 2006
  2. Ross Currier said:

    …so are you adding another “cloud category” called “babes”…it’ll probably boost our traffic…

    To go after the entire market, maybe we should also launch “hunks”…

    December 14, 2006
  3. Griff Wigley said:

    Thanks, Jessica.

    Great idea, Ross. ‘Babes’ has now been added as a tag. I’ll wait for a better ‘hunks’ shot to add that.

    December 14, 2006
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