The Quarterback Club puts up a new sign. Oops.

Quarterback Club landscape improvements Quarterback Club landscape improvements Quarterback Club landscape improvements
Workers from Schad Tracy Signs put up a new sign at the Quarterback Club on Hwy 3 at 3rd St. yesterday, part of its landscaping improvements with cost-sharing help from the City of Northfield (see below).

Quarterback Club signs, old and new The old quarterback the new quarterback Quarterback Club sign in place
Unfortunately, the image of the quarterback on the sign is not quite what owner Dale Finger expected. As I wrote in a comment on yesterday’s Guess what this image is blog post, it looks to me like a chicken drumstick being shaken to the point where the skin and miscellaneous spices are flying off.

A fix is evidently in the works. Here are the details on the cost-sharing with the City:

April 16 Friday Memo:

The Economic Development Director and Mr. Dale Finger, owner of the Quarterback Club, gave a presentation to the Streetscape Task Force on Thursday. Mr. Finger is proposing to add stonework, iron railings, and plantings that are consistent with the work that was completed by the City east of his property. He has employed the service of the same landscape architect that assisted the City in the development of its landscape plan. The Quarterback Club property is located on the corner of 3rd Street W and Highway 3.

The City proposed a program in 2006 to partner with the private sector on a dollar for dollar match for landscape improvements to areas that are consistent with the City’s landscape plan for “Urban Edge Improvements”. Task Force members spoke favorably about efforts Mr. Finger was undertaking to improve the aesthetic appeal of the Highway 3 corridor, and agreed to make a favorable recommendation to the City Council. The landscape improvements proposed by Mr. Finger are estimated at between $30,000 and $40,000. The Council will need to approve the cost sharing of this project at future meeting.

May 18 Council minutes:

The motion as amended (M2010-0091) is to APPROVE COST SHARING FOR THE PROPOSED QUARTERBACK CLUB STREETSCAPE PROJECT IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $11,808. All in favor. Motion carried.

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  1. Griff Wigley said:

    Yesterday’s Nfld News: Quarterback Club first business to use Streetscape program

    Finger, the co-owner of The Quarterback Club on Hwy. 3 and Third Street, is the first local businessman to take advantage of a public streetscape funding program for private commercial interests in Northfield. The funding program was developed shortly after the city’s 2006 Downtown Streetscape Framework Plan, which aims to maintain and reinforce the unique image and identity of downtown Northfield.

    The streetscape funding program allows businesses in Northfield’s downtown commercial district that are planning improvements to their property to access city funding — if the project meets standards laid out in the framework plan. The money for the improvements comes from the city’s Master Development Fund, which itself is funded through a special Tax Increment Financing district in downtown Northfield.

    June 20, 2010

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