Upcoming podcast with Progressive Rail

IMG_5554_800.jpgAt yesterday’s Northfield Rotary lunch, member Doug Jones (left) presented a history of rail in Rice County and economic development arguments for its continuing expansion. In attendance was the president of Progressive Rail in Lakeville, Dave Fellon. (Click to enlarge.)

See this previous blog post and comments on how I got to know Dave last week.

casey_jones.JPGTracy Davis, Ross ‘Casey Jones‘ Currier and I have made arrangements with Dave and VP Dean Goranson to ride the train next Wednesday from Lakeville to Northfield. We’ll interview them for a podcast episode, discussing the proposed ethanol plant in Bridgewater Township, the prospects for commuter rail, the status of the Northfield railroal depot, and other railroal-related issues.

If you have questions you’d like us to ask, attach a comment here or use our Contact Us form.


  1. Ross Currier said:

    I understand that for many Minnesotans, a Casey Jones birthday experience was one of the highlights of their youth…

    December 15, 2006
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    Yep. This song continues to take up valuable storage space in the brains of most baby boomer Minnesotans, Ross:

    Happy, happy birthday
    To every girl and boy!
    Hope this very special day
    Brings you lots of joy!
    Hope that birthday present
    You get from Mom and Dad
    Will make this very special day
    The best you ever had!

    December 15, 2006
  3. Stephanie Henriksen said:

    Questions for your Wednesday train trip:

    l. You could ask Fellon why Progressive Rail is masquerading as “Prairies to Power.” Why would Dundas/Northfield/Bridgewater Township want any dealings with a group that is not honest?

    2. Doug Jones was invited by Supervisor Gary Ebling to present his plan for rezoning of 200-300 acres of our township at Comus Crossing to industrial to serve Progressive Rail there. You could ask him why he is now denying he brokered the deal to bring in the ethanol plant (requires no rezoning) at this same location.

    3. The Dokmo Open House on Friday and Saturday was an ethanol promotional by “Prairies to Power” and Progressive Rail. Again, why the subterfuge? How long will the newspaper ads and mailings to area residents continue and who is actually paying for them? Who has posted the Prairies to Power yard sign on 19 near St. Olaf? Does Progressive Rail plan to blanket the town with them?

    December 19, 2006
  4. Griff Wigley said:

    Okay, thanks, Stephanie.

    December 19, 2006

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