JuneBug 2010 opens

New Moon Band at JuneBug Contented Cow outdoors Contented Cow outdoors Contented Cow outdoors Contented Cow outdoors
Ross and pals (New Moon Band) performed at the Contented Cow last night, the opening night of JuneBug 2010 that continues through Saturday.  The Cow has added a protective canopy on its outdoor stage, an upper deck perch for its sound control system, and a grassy knoll for expanded seating and yard games.

Other venues for JuneBug 2010 include the Rueb ‘n’ Stein and Butler’s Steak & Ale.

2 thoughts on “JuneBug 2010 opens”

  1. Thanks Griff! The pictures are great. We are really enjoying our grass area. Our customers love it too and that is the most important!
    Big weekend with lots of music, good beer, good food and fun.

  2. A big weekend all round. Tomorrow, Saturday at 1.30pm the USA plays Ghana in the first knock-out round of the World Cup. This will be shown live in the Cow, as will the England v Germany match on Sunday at 9am. I look forward to seeing USA v England again in the final on July 11th!

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