New crosswalk for the library corner

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  1. Ross Currier said:


    Nice photo. I was going to post using a shot of the “Road Closed” sign just north of 4th Street. It illustrates the point I made to Joel Walinski in the following e-mail:

    “I’m just wondering why the signs at 4th and Division can’t read something like “No Through Traffic” or “One Way Only” instead of “Road Closed”. The actual work is north of 3rd Street and we’re losing valuable parking spaces by keeping people out of the 300 block of Division Street. Perhaps the “regulars” will figure it out in a day or so but this time of year we get more “visitors” and I wouldn’t want them to get frustrated and not shop downtown for want of a parking space.”

    He responded with these words:

    “Good point on the signs, unfortunately we are somewhat limited because of potential liability issues. The City does need to follow the MN Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. However, unlike projects run by other agency’s, we are willing to work with individual business owners to take some added steps to help mitigate the road closure. If they have a temporary sign and a idea on a possible location within the ROW, we can work with them on installation. I would suggest the sign be metal and manufactured – temporary hand drawn signs might not send the right message. Let me know.”

    The NDDC’s E R Team is going to try to take action on Joel’s offer tomorrow morning.

    …and some day I’m going to blog about the MUT…


    July 10, 2007

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