Sign in window: Yes, Tiny’s is open, no thanks to the Nfld News

Tiny's in downtown Northfield sign in window of Tiny's
I noticed yesterday that proprietor Tim Sellers has a sign in the window of Tiny’s that reads:

Yes, Tiny’s is open

Tues-Sat 9:30 to 5:00

No thanks to the Nfld News

The Northfield News ran an article back in April titled: Locals try to save a Northfield landmark.

A longtime downtown business is expected to close in the coming months. Tiny’s Hot Dogs at 321 Division St. is set for a sheriff’s sale June 3, according to a legal notice published last week. Owner Timothy Sellers has until Dec. 3 to rework his mortgage or come up with the necessary funds to cover the debt. Sellers declined to comment, but support of the longtime Northfield shop has quickly grown.

9 thoughts on “Sign in window: Yes, Tiny’s is open, no thanks to the Nfld News”

    1. I’m surprised. People I knew actually started going because they thought they would never be able to get Tiny’s hotdogs again!

      1. Too bad they haven’t been doing so for the past 5 years, huh! : (

        He IS closing soon, though… not sure exactly when. Better get your dogs while they last.

  1. Nit-picky comment here… Tim’s last name is “Sellers” rather than “Sellars”. He’s my uncle… : )

  2. Only one thing that bothers me. Our family can only patronize this establishment on Saturdays.

    If he was to perhaps staying open until 6 PM, the family could stop in for dinner. Perhaps going to a 10 to 6 schedule might help a bit with evening sales?

    1. I can respond to the extended hours comment since Tim is my dad. Days get to be very very long when you own a restaurant and although my dad has other employees….it costs A LOT to pay staff. I also know this because of working at The Ole Cafe. Extended hours are not possible when for the most part, Tiny’s is a one man show.

      1. I completely understand. I was wondering the same amount of hours could be done, but just simply shift them. Does he have to be open at 9:30 to complete prep for the lunch rush?

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