Parking Quality Control Commission (PQCC) quietly doing its job

Lost in the discussion about downtown parking is that the City of Northfield has a Parking Quality Control Commission (PQCC) to address the problem of irresponsible use of parallel parking spots in downtown Northfield. I first blogged about the PQCC back in Oct of 2006.

PQCC member 'Woody Wannamaker' Erratically parked car Last night while riding my bike downtown, Woody Wannamaker, one of the original members of the PQCC (not his real name; we use it here—and the photo of his shoes–to protect his identity. His real name is Jim Gleason) alerted me to this vehicle parked in front of KYMN’s studios on Division.

He also sent me this photo he’d taken earlier in the day with his cell phone of a car erratically parked in front of the GBM.

PQCC cell phone photo


  1. john george said:

    The picture of the white van in front of KYMN is the result of a car northbound on Division making a left-hand turn into a parking place in the southbound lane. This is illegal, and if the local constabulary catches you doing this, it will result in an increase in the city coffers. The grey van is indicative of most people’s aversion to parallel parking in general. My wife will walk two blocks to reach a store rather than try to parallel park. If she can drive straight into a space, then she will use it. Backing into one between two parked cars like they taught us in drivers’ ed.- NO WAY!

    July 14, 2010
  2. Kathie Galotti said:

    I’m with your wife, John. I only attempt to parallel park when traffic is very light. It is not something, as they say, in my skill set (though I get it about 1/2 the time). But more often than not I’ll drive further away for an easier spot and walk back.

    July 14, 2010

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