Photo album: aerial view of flooding

Robbie and I got of tour of the flooded area from the air yesterday afternoon, courtesy of Northfielder and Delta pilot Mark Carson and his wife Alice.  Mark’s dad, Phil, flew his plane up from Iowa to the Faribault airport, where the four of us then took off with Mark at the controls. We then spent about an hour zooming above Northfield and Dundas.

I have a couple hundred photos and some video but for now, see the album of 18 photos (photos of downtown, Carleton’s Laird Field, the Waterford bridges, and Memorial Field in Dundas), the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:


And see the entire album of 397 flooding-related photos or the large slideshow.

Update 8:15 am: Alice Carson gave me 3 photos of downtown Northfield and Carleton’s Laird Stadium that she took in 2008. I’ve added them to the album. Interesting comparison.


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    September 27, 2010

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