What category suggestions do you have for the annual Best of Northfield straw poll?

bestofnfld2009sshot1Rob Schanilec and his team at the Northfield Entertainment Guide are gearing up for the 2011 best oBest of Northfield categoriesf Best of Northfield straw poll, an annual collaboration with Locally Grown. See the table (PDF) for past categories and the winners.

Here’s Rob’s thinking about the category changes he’s considering for 2011. 

What do YOU think? What suggestions do YOU have? Rob says:

Here’s my take on the Best of Categories.

  • I nixed a few that were more about tourism (ie visitor attraction)
  • I nixed some that I thought just weren’t very exciting (ie non-alcoholic offerings, people-watching venue)
  • I combined a few (ie latte/coffee/tea)
  • And I added a few (in red/italic)


  • Band
  • Musician
  • Venue

Visual Arts

  • Artist
  • Gallery


  • Actor
  • Play/Musical


  • Web site/blog/publication
  • Family venue
  • Indoor activity
  • Outdoor activity


  • Women’s Clothing
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Gifts
  • Grocery
  • Window Display
  • Salesperson

Local Services

  • Salon/Barbershop
  • Auto Maintenance/Repair


  • Coffee/tea product
  • Cookie/pastry
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Hamburger
  • Beer Selection
  • Wine Selection
  • Pizza
  • Appetizers
  • Soup
  • Ice Cream
  • Bartender/server
  • Healthy menu
  • Vegetarian menu
  • Romantic venue
  • Take-out

Best Value
Northfield Personality
(radio, organizer, activist, just cool dude)
Best of the Best

20 thoughts on “What category suggestions do you have for the annual Best of Northfield straw poll?”

  1. I’m not sure I like having the “Web site/blog/publication” in the Community category.

    How about a media category that’s more people-specific?

    Best radio personality?
    Best reporter?

  2. I guess, my questions is why nix the visitor stuff. If we promoted this poll on the Downtown Northfield and Northfield MN Facebook pages, we would get a lot of visitors that just love Northfield.

    1. Make that “Carleton” not “Carelton” — my left hand was typing faster than my right hand — I should have been using speech recognition software instead of a keyboard.

  3. Great input, all. You’ve made me chuckle as well as rub my chin in ah-ha thought. Stay tuned – as will I for more input.

    1. Rob,
      I would suggest that you include best city park, best floral display, and best landscaping in your list!

      Pat Allen, Chair of Northfield in Bloom

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