Northfield’s Ad Hoc Finance Group makes its recommendations

cost cuttingPages 1-43 of today’s Council packet (a very badly composed PDF) has the Ad Hoc Finance Group’s list of recommendations for cutting City of Northfield expenses and increasing revenues. The Hospital, NCRC, and Rural Fire appear to be targeted for the biggest changes.

Members of the group included: Lee Runzheimer, Bill Cowles, Curtis Tiano, Steve Meyer, Bron Scherer, Fred Rogers, Doug Crane, Paula Carlson.

The recommendations are grouped into 6 areas (‘exhibits’ in the report): 1) Northfield Hospital; 2) Northfield Community Resource Center (NCRC); 3) Rural Fire Service Agreement; 4) Alternative Non-tax revenues; 5) Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges; 6) Northfield Public Library.

Posted to the Nfld News site yesterday: Cost-cutting, revenue-increasing ideas to come before council.

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  1. David Ludescher said:

    This is worth the read.

    December 1, 2010

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