R.I.P.: photographer Fran Hall, Northfield native

I got this email from Bart de Malignon last week:

Northfield native and photographer Fran Hall died on Thursday, December 2 in Boulder, Colorado. There will be a memorial service in Boulder about a week before Christmas and a service in Northfield after Christmas.  Details to be announced.  Fran would have celebrated his 96th birthday on December 18 and was an active photographer of nature until the end of his life.

I first heard of Fran Hall when I was working on a blog post about Henry Fisk and Clark Webster showed me his photo of Henry Fisk, taken by Fran Hall back in 1960.

9 thoughts on “R.I.P.: photographer Fran Hall, Northfield native”

  1. I had the honor of meeting Fran a few times a couple years ago. What a great man. He was a true treasure. At NHS we are currently digitizing some of Fran’s work we have in our collection. It will be available through the Northfield History Collaborative very soon.

  2. Fran Hall was a friend of my mother’s, Bea (Thompson) Bodine, also from Northfield and took her wedding pictures in the late 1940’s. Mom and I went to see Fran in Boulder last summer. I’m sorry to hear that he has passed.

  3. Fran and his wife, Tallie,were close friends back in the 40’s. I have wonderful memories of times we shared. He took our wedding pictures on 6-3-49. I will never forget him.

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