Chamber/NDDC ‘Be Local … Buy Local’ campaign turns it up a notch

Buy moreBe Local … Buy Local (BLBL), the campaign by the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce and the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation "that promotes the importance of shopping locally for products and services in the Northfield area," has a new initiative. 

They’re selling these ‘buy more’ cards and putting up similar posters in store windows around town.

Roscoe Curry, VP of Public Relations for the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce, had some reservations about the initiative when it was first discussed at a staff meeting with Executive Director Katarina Fellbore. "I thought some of the merchants might think it a little too doomsdayish," said Curry.  He did an informal straw poll, going door-to-door with the merchants along Hwy 3, and all were in favor.

"I like that it’s direct," said Hugh G. Wreckshun, proprietor of Northfield Kwik Kondom (‘Kows, Kolleges, Kondoms, Kontentment’) near the intersection of Hwy 3 and Heritage Drive. "No sense pussyfooting around."

11 thoughts on “Chamber/NDDC ‘Be Local … Buy Local’ campaign turns it up a notch”

  1. I support buying locally and love LoGro Northfield! As a matter of fact, it’s our browser’s home page – but with kids in our house we generally don’t use that kind of language. Griff, should we change our home page if we don’t want our kids to see that, or might you be more careful what your headlines are?

    1. Susan, I’m generally careful about the text that appears in the title of the blog post. Otherwise, the editors over at axe it from their aggregator. We get a lot of traffic from them and I don’t want to disrupt that.

      So anything PG-13 or R-rated would appear in the body of the blog post, not its title. Most of the time it’ll be language/text; rarely would it be a photo like the one above.  I don’t think we have ever posted a gratuitous sex-related photos, other than the image of lady bugs mating.

      So while I’m really pleased you have LoGro as your homepage on your home computer, it’s probably best to change it as I can’t guarantee that something inappropriate for kids won’t appear in a post.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have questions.

  2. Yes we are all f**ed and I don’t think it will make much a difference how much s**t we buy. But I agree 100% with the sentiment.

  3. This me laugh when I came in from shoveling all of that f**king snow that I used to love. I have been shoveling for 3 hours so that I can get out of my driveway and go downtown and buy some of that s**t.

  4. Made me laugh, too, Jane… but I agree with Susan. I wouldn’t want our kids to open up the ol’ browser and see that. I guess that’s too bad, but it’s your site, Griff, and obviously you can do what you like with it! Thanks for all your good work.

  5. Why be concerned about your browser exposing your kids to such if similar stuff is going to be on posters around town? Can’t children read when out of the house and school anymore?

  6. Guys get a grip. (Or get to know Griff.) It is a joke. There are no posters. I don’t like the language but it wouldn’t have been a joke (or half as funny) if it said “buy more useless stuff or we are all screwed.”

  7. yes Jane, that dawned on my also frozen brain after I posted. I first had to restock my coffee coffers that emptied yesterday though!
    A frozen coffeeless brain should never post. lesson learned!

  8. So, the localvores and localphiles are now in bed with the Bushies who said (after 9/11) that we should all just go out and shop to show the terrorists they did not defeat us. Oh how they hooted at that advice, now we discover that shopping IS what it is all about.

    Make up your mind, people.

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