A heroin typo in an unusual place

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In the new issue of the Northfield News Home and Real Estate Guide there’s a typo under the window treatment photo on Page 20 (or see the Page 20 PDF). It’s more than a typo, actually. It’s the entire caption from a photo that ran last week along with this story, A tale of addiction: “Northfield native ‘Gina’ is receiving treatment for her addiction to heroin. She explained Tuesday the effects of the drug on her life.”

I showed it to VP Renee Huckle and photographer Dan Iverson tonight during the Taste of Northfield festivities and gave them some good-natured grief about it.

I was tempted to do a FN piece on it, ie, “Northfield News uses heroin story to sell houses after pressure from realtor posting comments on Northfield.org!!” But the paper has done a good job at covering aspects of the heroin story and related twists and turns, so my heart just wasn’t in it. Plus, having made a more serious mistake of my own lately, I’m inclined to be a little more forgiving of the honest mistakes of others.

PS – Thanks to Mr. K for the tip.

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  1. Christine Stanton said:

    As someone who has done some proofing and editing of pre-press material, THAT is funny! I am not laughing the news but laughing with them. Of course, I forgive them and I hope they can laugh at the mistake too. (We do need some good humor right now.) I wonder if Garrison Keillor saw this one, but I guess what made the police report funny was not the typos. It might also be a good one to send in to Jay Leno. 🙂

    July 20, 2007

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