Roving cell of youth photographed downtown Northfield, sans heroin

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On Thursday night during Taste of Northfield, I photographed a group of youth on Bridge Square actingly strangely. On Friday night during Pottermania on Division, I photographed many of the same youth, also acting strangely. Click photos to enlarge. The tell-tale red eyes on some of the youth in the center photo is proof enough for me that these are some of the kids we’ve been talking about.


  1. Anthony Pierre said:


    It really is too bad positive press doesn’t get as much attention as negative press.

    I was hoping to see a ton of comments on this post this morning.

    July 23, 2007
  2. Ross Currier said:


    Yeah, this post more accurately captures the character of Northfield’s youth than the front page of the Strib…

    …see my quick take on the event:


    July 23, 2007

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