Nippy, but no wind so no whining

Downtown Riverwalk at 22 below zero Downtown Riverwalk at 22 below zero
The bank thermometers by my house read –28 and –25 at 6:30 this morning. Downtown’s read –22 and the Carleton Weather Database thermometer bottomed out at –23. No wind, though, so it’s a refreshing morning. Photos: Downtown Riverwalk at 7:30 am with a nearly full moon.

It was equally nippy last year on Jan. 3 and on Jan. 15, 2009.

How cold was it at your house this morning?

6 thoughts on “Nippy, but no wind so no whining”

  1. This morning was good for vaporizing boiling water. From Stephanie Schmidt, Department of Environmental Studies & Biology @ St. Olaf:

    Hi Griff, I thought you might find this amusing.  Some friends, Sarah Beth and Geoff Weeks, created this educational video about science fun in Minnesota.

  2. Griff- I remember in January of ’77, the temperasture in the Cities dropped to 38 below. A couple of my friends went ice-fishing in the open on Lake Calhoun. When they pulled the fish out of the hole and dropped it on the ice, it would flip twice, and then it was frozen solid. Now, that is dedication to a sport!

  3. Buck up and come out to the Winter Scream on Saturday January 22 on Bridge Square. There will be a communal sing to tell the winter gods that we are done with winter. After the sing we will celebrate with ice cream on Bridge Square.

    Its not that cold out!

  4. Yes, listen to Hayes and come to Bridge Square at NOON on Sat.,Jan. 22. I think I heard Scott Richardson has put new words to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It Any More.” Scott did a bang-up job with words to “The Ballad of Wayne Eddy”!

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