Want to pay for your coffee with your smartphone? The apps guys make it possible

Pete Schwamb and Dan Grigsby at GBMDan Grigsby, a Lowertown Cyber Village colleague/geek from my days at GoFast.net in the late 90s, walked into GBM yesterday morning for a meeting with Northfielder, Pete Schwamb.  They’re partners at Drivetrain Agency, "an agency that writes software that powers mobile, web and social network applications."

In case you didn’t know, mobile apps are big. For example, as of this week, you can now pay for your coffee at Starbucks and Target with your smartphone.  It’s guys like Pete and Dan who create mobile apps like that which make it possible.

Are the people in charge of Northfield’s economic development paying attention?


  1. WWGCS? or What would George Carlin say – about paying for our coffee with our smartphones? I can hear him now.
    George, Can you hear us now? How about now?

    August 23, 2011

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