The Measuring Cup, coming to Northfield in April

Anyone have details about this new business?

Posted to Craigslist: Part Time Retail Sales Position (Northfield MN)

The Measuring Cup is a place for amateur and professional chefs to purchase fun and essential tools, equipment, supplies and gadgets for cooking, baking and entertaining…a place to learn and share your passion for all things delicious. Opening April 1st, 2011.

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  1. A real SWAG from me — for what it’s worth — in the old Oohlala building owned by Jan Osterkamp and Gina Lovestrand. Think they have the passion, love, the vision to pull it together and make it shine and keep it downtown. Other possibility — Diane Brill and Norman are building a new empire. No facts. No inside guesses. Just know the people with the vision to create something unique. Any bets out there?

  2. Oh, looking at my post I realize that I was less than clear. SWAG = Silly Wild Ass Guss. Ooohlala building is actually owned by Missy Donnecker (I think SP). I was SWAGing that Jan and Gina would be new tennants with a new business —- The Measuring Cup. Jan and Gina are brilliant retailers.
    On the other side of the coin you have Diane Burry (I stand corrected and Norman Butler) – brilliant restauranters. Either way, whomever it is —- BRAVO for Northfield, BRAVO for downtown. The suspense is killing me!!!!!

  3. I read the first few words of the store description, GASPED LOUDLY, my hands flew to my mouth to contain my excitement, and I can’t stop smiling as I type this. This sounds incredible! I will be here every day if this really happens.

  4. Northfield Patch: New Cooking Store Coming to Northfield

    A new store aimed at budding chefs—regardless of skill level—plans to open April 1, confirmed Gina Lovestrand. Lovestrand, who currently manages her family’s store, Monarch Gift Shop, is set to open the store, called The Measuring Cup, in the space formerly home to Oolala, which closed last month. In addition to Lovestrand, The Measuring Cup will be run by Jan and Steve Osterkamp, Lovestrand’s parents, who also own Monarch, and her brother, Adam Osterkamp.

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