Authentic and delicious delicacies at the 1st of Thai in Faribault

1st of Thai in Faribault Nit Sithisack, manager of 1st of Thai in Faribault Robbie and Griff Wigley at 1st of Thai in Faribault Mork Pla (catfish) at 1st of Thai in Faribault
After hearing raves from two of my buddies, Curt and Bruce, Robbie and I made the trek to Faribault last Saturday afternoon to a new restaurant called 1st of Thai.

Manager Nit Sithisack (red shirt in photo above), was our knowledgeable and attentive waiter who eased my fears of spicy and encouraged me to be adventuresome. I opted for the Mork Pla (catfish):

Marinated with spices and coconut milk, rice flour, egg, lemongrass and herbs, wrapped with banana leaves, then steamed; served with sticky or steamed rice.

Amazing flavor that I’m at a loss to describe.  We also had spring roll appetizers and then ordered the egg rolls to take home.  Yum.

They only have a bare-bones Yellow Book website thus far, so here are my photos of their menu:

1st of Thai menu 1st of Thai menu 1st of Thai menu

For more, see this November Faribault Daily News article: First place start to Thai restaurant.

“Very good egg rolls!” a pair of patrons shouted out. And Hom Sithisack smiled, engaging the couple with an animated explanation of how he makes them, chef hat bobbing as he detailed his process. He then disappeared into the kitchen, as quickly as he emerged.

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