“Why We’re Here” Twin Cities video goes viral. How will the new Northfield community video compare?

In today’s Strib: Filmmakers find a sense of place; Why do we live in the Twin Cities? A hit online video provides the answers.

Their short, sweet online video thoroughly evokes its title: "Why We’re Here." Not only do the subjects explain what lures and keeps them in the Twin Cities ("a big city in a not so big city," "great quality of life," "lots of green space"), but the 6-minute film’s music and tone could salve even the most hardened cynic’s soul.

Small wonder, then, that in its first four days of being posted online, "Why We’re Here" drew more than 30,000 viewers exclusively via word of mouth (and Web). "We struck some kind of chord," Bernstein said. "The thing that has surprised us is how many people have said it made them choke up, people unabashedly telling us that the thing made them cry."

I’m eager to see how the new Northfield community video, commissioned by the EDA and completed by Blue Moon Productions in December, compares to this video created by Susan Bernstein and Mary McGreevy of Seven and Sixty Productions. (Or how about the Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial – Imported From Detroit? Heh.)

(For background, see A) my June, 2010 blog post, Why make a $38,000 video to promote Northfield now when we already have one that’s good enough?; and B) Page 11-14 of the May 27, 2010 EDA packet.)

The partnering organizations and their contributions:

Carleton College – $3,500
St. Olaf College – $3,500
Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce/CVB – $5,000
Northfield Economic Development Authority – $15,000
Northfield Hospital and Clinics – $6,000
Rebound Enterprises – $2,500


  1. David Koenig said:

    Where was the snow?

    February 9, 2011
  2. Jennifer Torgrimson said:

    Griff: Any idea on when we’ll be able to view the Northfield video? I’m guessing you’ll put up a link to it when it does come up…

    February 14, 2011

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