2 thoughts on “A nice morning for a fat bike commute to Faribault”

  1. This is kind of a reminder of our failure to accomodate normal bikes during the winter. The Hwy 3 bike lanes (Cannon River to St. Olaf Ave) have been all but completely buried in snow all winter. Mill Towns Trail is not cleared at all. More critically, the Peggy Prowe bridge isn’t cleared either, forcing pedestrians and cyclists onto the narrow and icy Hwy 3 bridge. (Snowplows plow snow from the roadbed onto the sidewalk of that bridge.) As these guys demonstrate, almost all winter can be bicycling season. We should do a better job of accommodating that.

    @Ben (if you happen to see this post): Awesome bikes for the conditions! Why the choice to do deraileurs on these? I’m actually planning to get rid of my deraileur and replace with an internal hub on the bike I ride around during the winter. Deraileurs seem to just be a magnet for road grit and salt.

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