Hey LaVerne, don’t forget to shovel your sidewalk

Ole Café snow-covered sidewalk Ole Café snow-covered sidewalk LaVerne Rippley
The Ole Café closed on Feb. 20,  the same day southern MN got hit with a big snowstorm. I noticed yesterday that the sidewalk in front of the store has not yet been shoveled. Believe it or not, LaVerne Rippley owns the building.

The City of Northfield’s policy on the shoveling and clearing private sidewalks reads:

By city ordinance (Ch. 70 Article I, §70-2) property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to their property within 12 hours after snow or ice precipitation has stopped. If snow and ice are not removed, it may be removed by authorized city personnel, and the costs for snow removal will be assessed against the property. Residents may report uncleared sidewalks to the Public Works office (contact information listed on the right side of this page).

I guess I’ll have to tattle on LaVerne to TJ so something can be done before next week’s big snowstorm hits.

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  1. Good reminder on walks, Griff. I have not known the City to ever once enforce their fee, but they have worked with businesses to resolve the issue. Allina keeps their walks well-cleared after the City nagged them last year.

    You may want to post a picture of the way more egregious snow situation at Water St/Hwy 3 and St. Olaf Avenue. The Amcon gas station has been not just not clearing their walk, but also plowing snow into the walk (a violation of state law, since Hwy 3 is a state highway). I’ve sent them a letter reminding them of this; hopefully they’ll do better next year.

    March 8, 2011

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