Bill and Janine Nelson buy the Tiny’s building; BodySmith of Northfield moves in

About 5 minutes after I published yesterday’s blog post (while in my office at GBM) about available restaurant space in Northfield, FNB’s Rick Estenson alerted me that Bill Nelson, the new co-owner of the Tiny’s building with his wife Janine, had just walked in for a cup of coffee.

Building owner Bill Nelson and BodySmith owner Jeff Woods BodySmith of Northfield BodySmith at Tiny's BodySmith at Tiny's
Bill  (not the other Dundas Dukes-related Bill Nelson) introduced me to Jeff Woods, owner of BodySmith of Northfield (soon to be BodySmith at Tiny’s?), who had just moved his private fitness studio & training center (spinning bikes, weight equipment, etc.) into the ground floor space where Tiny’s had been. They plan to move the studio to the upper level of the building after it’s been revamped. Bill will then lease the ground floor for retail.

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