Northfield Sidewalk Public Poetry Contest submission deadline is today; LoGro sidewalk graffiti to be replaced

Bonnie Jean Flom has a blog post on

The Arts and Culture Commission of Northfield, in partnership with the Friends of the Northfield Public Library and the Northfield Public Library, has announced a Sidewalk Public Poetry competition to mark National Poetry Month in April.

See the Friends of the Northfield Public Library blog post: 2011 Northfield Sidewalk Public Poetry Contest

Northfield Sidewalk Public Poetry ContestAll residents of Northfield, and all students enrolled in Northfield schools, are eligible and encouraged to submit short poems (10 lines, 240 characters maximum) that are appropriate for the public sphere.

Up to 10 winning poems will be stamped into Northfield sidewalk pavements and will be considered for other public purposes including publication and readings.

Locally Grown Northfield is the shitThe Locally Grown Triumvirate has requested that one of the winning poems be used to replace the sidewalk graffiti that one of our fans scrawled into the cement in front of the HideAway Coffeehouse & Winebar last summer.


  1. Griff Wigley said:

    Okay, Billy Collins I’m not but here’s my submission:

    Roam and groan
    where ideas are sown
    and incivility is thrown
    Locally Grown

    April 11, 2011
  2. David Koenig said:

    Why submit these to a committee for review?

    Why not just invite college students, kids, families, whoever, to come downtown and write their own sidewalk poetry in chalk all at the same time (for an hour?) some Saturday morning? It seems to me that this would be a great Crowdsource project.

    I suppose I’d have some fears of children being exposed to some vulgarity. But, my guess is that we’d have an amazing scene downtown with a mostly wonderful outcome.

    Dave Machacek and ArtOrg, how about it?

    April 11, 2011
  3. Griff Wigley said:

    An anonymous blogger Adam Gurno on has a post titled: Sidewalk Poetry Contest Winners Announced

    *Brendon Etter

    *Olivia M. Fantini

    *Patrick Ganey

    *Lily Hanlon

    *Rob Hardy

    *Brenda Hellen (two winning poems)

    *Joan Reitz

    *Anne Running Sovik

    Judges were: Diane Leblanc, Director of Writing, St Olaf College and a published poet; Gail Jones Hansen, professional writer, co-founder of Riverwalk Market Fair; Scott King, poet, poetry editor, and publisher, Red Dragon Fly Press; Tim Madigan, City Administrator; and Bonnie Jean Flom, elementary school educator and member of the Arts and Culture Commission.

    Planning is underway for a public poetry reading where the winning poems will be presented to the community. Very soon the poems will be on display at the Northfield Public Library. Expect future celebrations as the first poems are imprinted in city sidewalks.

    April 30, 2011

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