7 thoughts on “Rep. Kelby Woodard is hosting a Northfield Town Hall meeting tonight”

  1. I’m hoping some of the LGN crowd will be there to ask questions. (I’m traveling, or would be there myself.) I’d like to know, for instance, what Rep Woodard thinks about the possibility/schedule/logistics of paying back the $1bn (or more) “deferred” from the state to local school districts last year. Does he support any “revenue enhancement” as a necessary part of solving budget problems, or will he fall back on bromides about spending as the only problem?

    I’m disappointed that Rep Woodard has communicated with constituents mainly through short videos rather than through tightly reasoned position pieces, etc. Nor has Rep Woodard been regularly responsive (in my case, at least) to e-mailed questions.

  2. Jesse James Lanes? That would be a place not accessible to most students at either college, as well as a private business where it’s a bit awkward to go without buying anything.

    Were all public meeting spaces in Northfield unavailable? Library meeting room? City Hall? Any large meeting space at either St. Olaf or Carleton? A space in one of the public schools?

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