ArtSwirl beach party on Bridge Square tonight, 6-9 pm

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I snapped these photos at about 5:15 this afternoon. Glenn Switzer, of Switzer’s Nursery and Landscaping dumped sand on the street in front of the Northfield Historical Society on Bridge Square for tonight’s beach party that goes from 6-9 pm. Ross ‘barricade boy’ Currier was there to help shovel and Jill ‘queen mum’ Enestvedt was there to make sure they didn’t take too many breaks. As Ross wrote in his blog post, “The sand, along with marshmallows, the Zillionaires, and Meredith Fierke, is all part of the official kick-off of ArtSwirl.”

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  1. Ross Currier said:


    Yeah, it was a really cool event. Unfortunately, the dozens of youngsters that played in the sand now want a four ton sand box in Bridge Square, 365 days a year. I think they’ll soon be putting forth a council candidate.

    Thanks to Jill Enestvedt for birthing ArtSwirl, Jessica Paxton for lining up the musicians, Glenn Switzer for bringing the sand, Liz Carpentier for lighting the campfires, Ally Beyer for bringing the s’ more stuff and more, Tim Sellers for bringing the dogs, and local celebrity Nick Sinclair for bringing the paparazzi.

    Dixon Bond has promised good weather for the Art Car Parade at 2 pm. So, come on down(town) and check it out.

    See you then,


    August 4, 2007

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