Collection bins for clothes and shoes duke it out

Collection bins for clothes and shoes DSC03819
United Cerebral Palsy and US Again are going head-to-head in Northfield with competing collection bins for clothes and shoes.  These bins are in the recycling area of the Northfield Econofoods parking lot.  There are at least 7 other US Again bins in the area.

I don’t understand why they don’t put some of the bins downtown with the newspaper vending racks.

One thought on “Collection bins for clothes and shoes duke it out”

  1. It is worth noting that USAgain is a for-profit, though it also sounds like they’re better about using all donated items than many of the charities. When possible, they resell usable garments — but everything else can be shredded and used for other purposes by textile recyclers. Presumably this is still profitable for them. That makes USAgain a good choice for recyclable textiles you wouldn’t give charity or they wouldn’t accept: cotton underwear, old towels, very worn jeans, etc.

    (Theoretically Rice County also accepts cotton for recycling, but you must drop it off in person. I doubt this is very popular.)

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