The weather sucks. Want the details?

Dundas Weather Paul Jesh
Dundas resident and All Flex Flexible Circuits engineer Paul Jesh has a local weather website up called Dundas MN Weather.

It’s considerably friendlier and more visual than the Carleton College Weather database, though nothing beats that for local historical weather info.

Thanks to Clark Webster for the tip.

8 thoughts on “The weather sucks. Want the details?”

  1. Thanks Griff for the post!! Feedback is very welcome….

    My Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather equipment is rooftop and sends a realtime wireless signal down to my weather station next to the computer. The weather station is hooked to the computer that stores and sends all of the needed data to the website that I built. There is about a 2-3 second delay from when the station records / sends a data string, and you see it occur on the website…

    Also, if you would navagate to
    you can look at realtime graphs and historical data from my weather station. It goes back to Summer of 2006…

    Thanks again Griff……


  2. Excellent work, Paul. I especially like the realtime graphs/historical data. I added your site to my toolbar.

    1. I also added to my toolbar… invaluable for a spring gardener!

      Thanks so much to the creator of this resource.

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