Save Our Post Office sandwich board makes its debut. Is it legal?

Save our Post Office - Northfield, MNSomeone from the NDDC put up this sandwich board in front of the Northfield Post Office this morning.  I’m not saying who it was.

See the NDDC’s Keep the Northfield Post Office Downtown page for the latest news.

FYI, the municipal code for sidewalk signs reads:

Sidewalk signs in C-1 and C-2 zones. The use of sidewalk signs shall only be allowed in the central business zones (C-1 and C-2). All sidewalk signs shall be limited to two feet in width and 3½ feet in height, including the support members. No sign shall have more than two faces. Changeable copy is permitted except for plastic letters. The sign shall be placed only in front of the business without significantly limiting the normal pedestrian use of the sidewalk. One sign is permitted for each building/land frontage, and it shall be removed from the sidewalk at the end of each business day. No sidewalk sign shall be lighted. No sign permit is required.
Well, people are very disappointed for the closure of the building. However, there’s this new rumor that building might turn into a commercial office space for rent.

That sign looks to be at least a half inch taller than allowed. Someone should report this.

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  1. Steph Henriksen said:

    I was relieved to see the sign at last. It doesn’t have the NDDC website so people can get instructions on where to write and call, however. And time is running out!!!

    Thinking back to the Target controversy, many people (including me) would not have opposed the project had it been on the downtown fringe. Locating so far south, we knew it would ultimately drain the life out of downtown, taking most of our essential services with it. In fact, Tom Bonneville, Target rep, told me so. He said their goal was to provide a full range of goods and services “so people wouldn’t have to go downtown” for anything.

    With the transfer of postal services to the annex, it is a fete accompli.

    May 27, 2011

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