Patsy Dew photography exhibit now at the HideAway Coffeehouse and Winebar

Patsy Dew photography Patsy Dew photography Patsy Dew photography Patsy Dew photography 
Northfield photographer Patsy Dew is exhibiting some of her photos at the HideAway Coffeehouse and Winebar

Pasty Dew Pix Patsy Dew Patsy Dew
See more of her photos on her Patsy Dew Pix website. I cropped the photo of Patsy on the right from this photo of her, part of the Patsy’s Party at the Arts Guild Flickr album, one of the Flickr albums.  It’s not clear who took the photos. The album description from Sept. 2006 reads:

The Fond Farewell Party for Patsy Dew at the Arts Guild this past Friday night (9-22) was great fun. Patsy has left her position of Program Director at the Guild, and after 15 years of her work you can bet there were lots of people with stories to share and tributes to make. Some theater folks did a surprise reprise of one of Patsy’s theater roles, and another group put together a slide show of some of her moments on stage as actor or director. There were dance performances, limericks and poetry, lots of good food and fun. Here are some pics!

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