Fluff redux 2011: how did this mama Mallard end up with 24 ducklings?

mama Mallard and 24 ducklings mama Mallard and 24 ducklings 
This mama Mallard and 24 ducklings are waddling around the Hidden Valley Park / Valley Pond Townhouse Association neighborhood this week. According to the Wikipedia entry on the Mallard:

The clutch is 8–13 eggs, which are incubated for 27–28 days to hatching with 50–60 days to fledgling. The ducklings are precocial and fully capable of swimming as soon as they hatch.

So how did this lady end up with 24? Adoption?

(I’ve not done a fluff piece on ducks since 2007 so Bruce and Curt, shut up. And John George, that headline is for you.)

12 thoughts on “Fluff redux 2011: how did this mama Mallard end up with 24 ducklings?”

  1. Griff- I’m sure that Mallard will find out that duck motherhood is not all it is cracked up to be. She doesn’t even have them all in a row!

  2. ‘It is the funniest thing. Momma duck is herding them. They hit the yard and scatter…. she is just along for the ride. You should see them in the water. There are these little heads bobbing up and down all over the pond, only sort of close to Mom. I can only guess she is thinking…”What Happened?”

    1. Robbie- Do you suppose some other ducks got together and pulled a practical yoke on her? Perhaps her obstetrician was just a quack. It probably wasn’t what she was eggspecting!

  3. I predict that for covering this important story, Griff and Corey will share a “pullet-zer prize”. (Note: this comment was inserted solely for the enjoyment of John George. All others–please go about your business.)

      1. OK, y’all… Just admit it… Dixon Bond has lost the title of “Lord of the Pun” to Locally Grown’s own JOHN GEORGE !

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