Photo redux: Maggie Lee. Her 90th birthday is Sunday. Party on, Wayne.

poster: Maggie Lee's 90th birthday partyNHS head honcho Hayes Scriven has a blog post up with the details of Maggie Lee’s 90th birthday party on Sunday. I do believe Wayne Eddy is invited.

Who is Maggie Lee? See this NHS oral history of Maggie Lee in which she "talks about her life in Northfield and why the color purple is so important to her."

If your eyes can handle the purple:

See the album Maggie Lee 60th Anniversary At Northfield News (large slideshow) or SLOW CLICK the small slideshow below:

See the album Maggie Lee, Haywood Award recipient 2009 (large slideshow) or SLOW CLICK the small slideshow below:


  1. Happy Birthday, Maggie! I remember the time we had together with much joy!
    You are an inspiration and a really fine lady.

    June 3, 2011
  2. Gov. Al Quie rode with the raiders last night. Today another native Northfield notable is honored at the historical society at 5:30 and with a show at the Grand at 7 p.m. Marilyn Sellars and Johnny Western entertain (who were here Sat. for the raid, as well)and there will be a special song for her, with words by Scott Richardson, played by Craig Wasner. Emcee Will Healy. More “firepower” in Northfield tonight!

    June 5, 2011

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