‘Harvest’ sculptor Jake Jacobson presents at NDDC forum

86 year-old Ray “Jake” Jacobson presented his ‘Harvest’ sculpture at last Tuesday’s NDDC forum. It’s due to be installed when the new 5th St. and Water parking lot/pedestrian promenade is completed. See the album or this slideshow:

Also see this March 30 Northfield News article by Dan Iverson titled ‘Harvest’ is a defining work for Jacobson for details.

The design is based off the main essentials of a wheat stem. The repetitious quality of wheat in nature is reflected in the piece providing a degree of predictability while the complex and abstract form creates an element of surprise. Open to the potential of accidents, Jacobson cultivated the piece until he arrived at its current design which is also reminiscent of a wheat shock. The sculpture is embellished with relief carvings of wheat heads and mill stones countered with medallions emphasizing Northfield’s history and its agrarian roots, including a piece devoted to the sesquicentennial as well as Jacobson’s imagery of the Ames Mill and the Cannon River.


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