Anti-grinding plates reinstalled

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I blogged about the damage to the concrete edging of the new downtown streetscape area next to the library earlier this month. I learned from those contributing to the comment thread that the metal plates that were originally installed to prevent skateboarders from using the edge had been vandalized/knocked off.

I noticed this morning that new anti-grinding plates have been installed. Click photos to enlarge. I’ll assume that that’s quick action on the part of our fair city’s public works department unless someone has more accurate info.

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  1. Stephanie Henriksen said:

    The damage to the new corner by the library is very disturbing and a sign of the ongoing lack of police monitoring of skateboard activity. Businesses on the West Side by the Key have suffered from skatebvoarders to such an extent that during afterschool hours, customers don’t even try to come to shop. This was particularly true during 2 years of highway construction which added to the hazards.

    I call in to the non-emergency number frequently, asking that my name and shop not be on record for fear of retribution. Dean Kjerland has had repeat incidents by his building, as you may know.

    December 26, 2006

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