Do you read to your kids at bedtime? Know someone who does? Then go the fuck to the Monkey See Monkey Read bookstore and get this book

I heard about the book Go the Fuck to Sleep back in May and asked Monkey See Monkey Read blogger and Northfield bookstore proprietor Jerry Bilek if he carried it. Ever on top of things book-related, he wrote back:

I’ve got them on order. It should be released June 14. It’s getting a lot of buzz. I’ll send you a blog post about it as soon as I have copies.

Jerry now has the book in stock. See his blog post on it for more. Here’s a sample:

Go The Fuck To SleepThe cats nestle close to their kittens now.

The lambs have laid down with the sheep.

You’re cozy and warm in your bed, my dear

Please go the fuck to sleep.

From the Wikipedia on Go the Fuck to Sleep:

Go the Fuck to Sleep is a book written by American author Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Ricardo Cortés. Described as a "children’s book for adults", it reached number 1 on’s bestseller list a month before its release, thanks to an unintended viral marketing campaign during which booksellers forwarded PDF copies of the book by email.

The book is available at Monkey See Monkey Read in downtown Northfield.

12 thoughts on “Do you read to your kids at bedtime? Know someone who does? Then go the fuck to the Monkey See Monkey Read bookstore and get this book”

    1. But John, I don’t think that passage from James applies to my tongue in this case. My tongue wasn’t being evil, it was trying to be funny in an ironic way, or maybe ironic in a funny way. My tongue may have failed but I’m quite sure James would understand and give it credit for good intentions, no?

    2. Griff- No.
      I see what you are trying to do- pull a comment off that book title you cited. A children’s book for adults? Really? If this is truly a childrens’book, must children be perverted from their innocence by their own parents? try Matt 25:40, also. 😉

  1. Griff: I removed your post. tries to maintain a standard of decency that will be acceptable to the widest cross-section of the community. We do include children’s event listings (e.g., Books and Stars), which is one reason I think we need to be as G-rated as possible.

    As for the Biblical consequences of profanity, there’s an episode of South Park in which the word “shit” is said on television, and it starts to rain frogs.

      1. John, if the character were “Kenny”, then I’d say yes. Of course, that character doesn’t actually say anything…he just mumbles through the hood of his hoodie.

        And thus endeth the Pop Culture lesson of the day….

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